Imagine to discover the timeless beauty

"SO Hotel" is one of our masterpieces that we poured our heart and experience into.

The building is designed as a whole project, with the hotel and the cafe on the ground floor having a matching design to create a sophisticated look. With our comprehensive experience of renovating Machiya-style houses and guest houses, we help you realize an attractive and welcoming environment.




Guesthouse Planning/ Renovation

Either for renovating an existing building or reviving an unoccupied house, we provide a thorough consultation based on our up-to-date, comprehensive experience and network on planning, constructing and running guesthouse businesses. Our goal is to offer planning and construction that create a guesthouse your customers truly look for. 

Guesthouse Business Management

Through a sincere consultation, we provide step-by-step support on the application, business model and the concept design to help you to dream your dream into reality. We are also able to introduce agents to run a day-to-day business on site, on behalf of you. 

Cafe + Guest House

When we designed SO Hotel, we had one harmonious style in mind- matching aesthetics of the cafe on the ground floor with the hotel. A stylish, lively design will welcome guests from all around the world and provide them with a wondeful communication hub.

Project Work Flow